Join FCTANE Today To Enjoy Many Great Benefits!

If your dealership is not currently a Truck Association member, we would encourage
you to join and send some people. You DO NOT need to be a BPN dealer to participate! New or experienced,
you are all welcome at our meetings! Join us and see if it is a good fit for you!

In addition to your $40 per person monthly meeting fee, Annual club dues are: Dealer memberships for
2018-2019 are $130.00 per dealership / Vendor memberships are $200.00. Meeting sponsor costs are
$500.00 for a full hour meeting presentation, or $250.00 each half hour slot. Please bring these checks to the
meeting as well!

The 2018 – 19 fiscal year has begun! All dealerships and vendors who haven’t paid their annual dues, please
do so at this meeting (if you have already paid – THANK YOU!). We are planning some great events,
training, presentations, and recognition going forward – things that will help you sell more vehicles and
make more money. Please make sure you are part of this!!

Questions?? Contact anyone below

Dealer Committee

Mike Wagner, Rodman Ford

Phone: 508-698-4037

James Filomeno, Marcotte Ford

Phone: 413-536-1900

Bob Wilson, Rodman Ford

Phone: 508-930-3877

FCTANE Mission Statement

FCTANE shall strive to support the education, training and certification programs necessary
to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. The Association promotes the
camaraderie of the membership, and will work at all times to elevate each member’s value
to their customers, communities, and Dealers.


Encourage our members to work ceaselessly at maintaining a master’s level of comprehensive training, superior

knowledge, and unyielding motivation.

Elevate the New England Ford Truck Sales Professional’s image, efficiency, competitiveness, and value to their


Attract promising new candidates, and help develop them into solid contributors for their dealerships.

Educate using multiple resources, including economic and industry research.

Assist in forging positive and mutually beneficial relationships between New England Ford Commercial Truck

Dealers, Regional Upfitters, Equipment Suppliers, and Ford Motor Company.

Promote Ford Truck leadership throughout New England.

Collaborate with Local, State, and Federal Commercial Truck Enforcement units in promoting awareness and

compliance with regulations.

Advocate for safety and security on our nation’s highways and among our drivers.

Strive to promote a healthy business environment.

Foster the utmost consideration for our valuable customer partners, and provide an unparalleled resource for

their businesses.We encourage our members to work ceaselessly at maintaining a master's level of comprehensive training, superior knowledge, and unyielding motivation.